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Hello, my name is Edward Houtz. I started DiabetesReversal.net as a free resource for others who want to know how to effectively deal with the condition known as diabetes.

Most of us know that diabetes is an illness that can dramatically alter one’s way of life. Sufferers are held hostage by this condition because of the complications it presents. With ignorance and neglect, Diabetes is DEADLY!

If you have the condition, your doctors might have prescribed you with “medications” that many are actually taking today. Indeed, those drugs “fight” Diabetes by treating the “symptoms”. But they do not reverse the condition. These so-called medicines do not address the root cause of Diabetes.

On this website, you’ll find a number of resources to help you learn more about Diabetes—what it is, what causes it, and how to deal with the disease. Eventually, you will start seeing Diabetes in a different perspective—instead of depending entirely on drugs and "fighting the symptoms," you start thinking about "Health" and treating the cause. The ultimate goal is reversing Diabetes!

I came up with an amazing one-of-a-kind mini-course that will reveal the truth about Diabetes the pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know. In this ground-breaking resource, you’ll learn about how to get back into health and stimulate your body to restore your pancreas and produce more insulin.

You’ll also learn…

  • Why diabetic prescription drugs are useless, and what to use instead.
  • The dos and don’ts to effectively normalize blood sugar levels the natural way!
  • A variety of proven dietary strategies, natural remedies, and lifestyle changes that will stabilize your blood sugar levels forever.
  • Surefire techniques to reduce your cravings for “poisonous” foods!
  • The mind-blowing methods of boosting your Immune System so you’ll never have to worry about any illnesses for the rest of your life.
  • About the scientific discovery that reboots your body to do what it is supposed to do--which is to heal itself and restore your pancreatic function: Producing insulin!
  • How to apply the most recent scientific breakthroughs into practical steps to bring your blood sugar levels back to normal within just a few weeks, and restore optimum health.
  • Much, much more!

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