Warning Signs Of High Blood Sugar

5 Warning Signs That You Have High Blood Sugar Problems

Below are strong signs that you may have blood sugar problems or pre-diabetes.

1st Warning Sign: Snacking Too Much and Craving on High Carbs

Do you find that yourself always snacking on quick-release carbs like chips or chocolate bars? White flour and sugar are simple carbs and therefore release energy quickly because they break down quicker than more complex carbs. The main problem is that soon after this incredible rush of energy comes an incredible drop in your blood sugar levels and your energy levels drop low again. This becomes a vicious circle as you find yourself looking for further quick-fix carbs to stop you feeling fatigued.

How To Counter This? If you experience intense cravings for foods high in carbs, Chromium can provide a solution. Your desire for starches and sugars is increased when your blood sugar levels are low. Chromium can help lessen your desire for foods high in carbs and balance your blood sugar levels.

2nd Warning Sign: High Blood Pressure

Your high blood pressure could be caused by many different conditions, but when it is associated with abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels, extreme tiredness and weight gain (particularly in the midsection of your body) could be caused by insulin resistance. You know you have problems when your triglycerides are 150 mg/Dl, good HDL cholesterol are below 50mg/Dl for women and 40 mg/Dl for men and blood pressure levels of 130/85 or higher.

How To Counter This? Alpha Lipoic Acid helps to increase the ease that blood flows by causing your blood vessels to expand and stretch that will optimize your blood pressure. It is also worth bearing in mind that having higher blood sugar levels create much stickier blood cells and thicker blood that the heart has to work harder to pump through your body.

3rd Warning Sign: Sleepiness After Meals

Feeling tired after a big meal, (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.) is a normal reaction to the large intake of foods rich in carbs. This effect is magnified if your diet is high in foods that are high in simple carbs like sweet and fizzy drinks, white flour and sugars. If this case happens too frequently, you may be flirting with diabetes.

How To Counter This? To help balance your blood sugar levels and give you a better carbohydrate metabolic rate you could try Fenugreek. The special type of fiber found in Fenugreek decreases the level of fat that is absorbed and lowers the rate that glucose is absorbed by the intestines.

4th Warning Sign: Weight Gain

It is a known fact, according to Beth Reardon from Duke University, that majority of individuals with diabetes are overweight. With all the best efforts to lose the weight, you may find that there is weight that stubbornly hangs on. This is most likely due to our cells receiving confused messages. According to Reardon, as the cells are deprived of glucose, the fuel they want to absorb into the insulin receptor, the body protects itself through this shortage by holding onto stored fat to use as energy.

How To Counter This? One powerful aid to helping insulin sensitivity, decreasing the glucose absorption rate, balancing out blood sugar levels and thus fighting against obesity is Gymnema Sylvestre. Hunger can be kept under control when blood sugar is kept at normal levels.

5th Warning Sign: Belly Fat

Your blood sugar levels could potentially increase along with your weight. However, diabetes and insulin resistance are particularly correlated with the excess weight in the midsection of your body. Women should be concerned if their waist reaches a circumference of 35 inches or more and men if their waist circumference is measured at 40 inches or higher.

How To Counter This? If you find that you store excess weight in your midsection and stomach and have problems keeping your blood sugar levels balanced, Banaba should be added to your diet. Banaba helps your body keep blood sugar levels normal while producing less insulin.

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