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Can Diabetes be Reversed?

There are still so many diabetics that doubt if their condition is curable. Some claim that their diabetes is cured and others refute these claims as they know for a “medical fact” that there is no known cure.

So, the question still remains, “Is there a cure for diabetes?”

Okay, allow me to clear things once and for all…


Technically speaking, a medical cure is an end of a medical condition brought about by a substance (medicine) or procedure (e.g. surgery). With that said, diabetes medical cure is non-existent because all the prescription medicines diabetics take only address the symptoms. Treatment of the symptoms does not qualify as a “cure” because the condition is still present. In other words, there is no magic pill or shot that cures diabetes.

However, before you feel that hope is gone, let me make it clear that medicines can’t cure diabetes…


Some people loosely consider diabetes reversal as a cure. You can actually put it that way but by strict definition, diabetes reversal is different. It is ending the condition without utter dependence on prescription drugs or medical/surgical procedure.

The medicines are actually making the condition worse because no action is taken to solve the root problem of diabetes. Popping some pills and taking shots may make you feel better for a while but the ill feelings will definitely comeback—maybe even worse than before. You will feel like you do not have any choice but pop those pills or take the shot again.

The cure that diabetics are looking for are from lifestyle changes and not from drugs. Weeds can only be stopped by removing the roots and this goes the same for diabetes. Most diabetics acquire the condition because of their past lifestyle which is not ideal.

For many, diabetes reversal is perceived as difficult. This is a misconception. The people that dismiss the fact of reversing the condition are either misinformed, totally stubborn or lazy. Of course, there is a degree of self-discipline needed to be successful in reversing diabetes. But with the right information, it is easier than you many think.

Knowing the truth about the cause of diabetes will make it easier for you to act. You will clearly understand the right exercises, diet, and the appropriate things to do so your diabetes can finally be reversed.

It all starts here.

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