Diabetic Diet Food List

Diet and Foods for Diabetics

When you are diagnosed with Diabetes, it is necessary to watch what you eat. As you might already know, Diabetes is known as a “dietary disease” therefore, what and how you eat is the likely cause of the disease. Having Diabetes is simply nature’s way of telling you that you have been eating too much of the wrong kinds of food.

Diabetic individuals need to learn better eating habits. Fortunately, diabetics can still enjoy their favorite foods. The key is eating in moderation, in regular intervals, and choosing the right types of food to eat. These “right” types of food do not necessarily mean flat and tasteless. There are plenty of foods that are both healthy and delicious.

Most cases of Diabetes, if handled with vigilance and understanding, can be reversed. People with diabetes have the same nutritional needs as anyone else. However for a diabetic, foods and meals should be well-balanced and in correct amounts. In simpler words, it only needs more self-control and the determination to get back on the healthy track.

The Diabetic Diet

The eating habits of people with Diabetes do not need to be complex. It all just comes down to three key things—the what, when, and how much.

What: Diabetic Foods

Again, the secret is having a balanced-diet. You can still enjoy your meat, carbs, and desserts. Yes, DESSERTS. However, choose them wisely. Fruits and vegetables are must-haves in every meal. Choose healthy sources of carbohydrates. Focus on whole grains as they are a good source of fiber. They are also digested slowly, keeping blood sugar levels more even. Beans are also great sources of dietary fiber. Beans, nuts, cereals, and cinnamon are great for diabetics. Protein should mainly come from fish and poultry breast.

When: Diabetic Meal Time

Ideally, diabetics should spread their meals and snacks quite evenly throughout the day. They should also eat more frequently than the customary three meals per day. Eating 4 to 5 meals doesn’t translate into eating more food. Instead, it simply means spreading out the food you require in a day. This regulates your blood sugar levels.

How Much: Diabetic Portions

Since diabetics need to eat more often, they should control the portions of their meals. Weight control is crucial. Therefore, over-eating should always be avoided.

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